residents being led in a Tai Chi classWALKING CLUB
I love both the stretching when we warm-up before we leave, and the actual walk itself. We go all over downtown. The teacher is very patient and helpful. She has taught us how to increase our strength. The Walking Club has improved my flexibility and posture.”
~ Rosalie, 75 ~

“Walking really promotes healthy living. It helps me to avoid falls, heart disease, brain damage, diabetes, cancer and problems with digestion. I also have chronic asthma, but since I’ve been walking regularly, I don’t need any more medication.”
~ Al, 62 ~

I’m learning how to make blankets. I interact with the Chinese and Korean residents. Everyone is so helpful. Project Hands allows me to leave my apartment, make new friends, and remain active.”
~ Elba, 83 ~

“Oh, I like it! It’s very interesting because we can do something good for other people. I come to learn something new every time I knit.
~ Catalina, 86 ~

“Every week, The Latin American Club is a great time for all of us, especially the bingo games. It is a social outlet for all kinds of people from other countries.”
~ Irene, 73 ~

“The meetings make me happy. More than anything, we have learned to get along and respect each other.”
~ Peter, 85 ~

“We always joke around, laugh and have a nice time, especially when we celebrate our birthdays. We don’t always bring a cake but we sing and play Bingo.”
~Virginia, 71 ~

“I’ve been teaching for 15 years. Tai Chi helps students to strengthen their joints, hips, legs and knees. They may also improve their posture and balance. Many of my students have spine, lumbar and lower back issues. Research suggests that Tai Chi may gently slow the aging process. There are six people in my core group who have been with me since 2009. I plan to introduce a new Chinese system of movement meditation to minimize stress.”
Bing Luh, Instructor ~

“The class has helped me enormously. Tai Chi improves my balance and allows me to relax. The teacher even includes meditation, which has a calming effect. The class is also a social outlet because I get to interact with all these wonderful people. That’s important because when you’re old, you don’t get out as much.”
Zilla Kenna ~

“During the past four years, Tai Chi has eased some of my pain. It keeps my mind sharp and is good for my memory. It has also benefited my heart and lungs.”
Amy Tont ~

“I enjoy coming to class because I get lazy when I’m alone at home. I do much better in a group. Any kind of exercise is good for seniors. I had to stop coming for six months because I was undergoing treatment for cancer. Since I’ve been back, I can really feel the difference!”
~ Yvette Ayoub ~

“It is fulfilling for me to see the students using their devices and sharing data. Most were intimidated by the technology until they gradually gained confidence. One individual actually researched his family tree and published his findings. The students may be physically separated from their loved ones but they are not living in isolation. The president of the Chinese Residents Club established a Facebook page to share photos of the Long Beach Grand Prix and his vacation in Taiwan. Charles Yoon published an autobiography and used a scanner to illustrate his calligraphy. I plan to teach them more advanced applications such as how to create Amazon, Craig’s List and eBay accounts, for those who wish to sell items on the Internet. This is very timely and relevant because a student recently asked me how he could market his collection of books and movies, on-line. I will continue to give them the tools they need to connect to their families, friends, as well as pertinent information and resources. This is not only empowering, but it also enhances the quality of their lives, which directly reflects RHF’s mission.”
Luis Gomez, Instructor ~

“I’m 71 years-old. At first, I knew very little about my iPhone. Now, I’m also learning more about my laptop as I improve my computer skills. Things are much better. The teacher is very kind. I just want to thank him for all the help I’ve been getting.”
Ju Chen Xu ~

“I have arthritis, so I come every Monday. The class is also good for my knees, plus I love to dance. The teacher is nice and very helpful.”
~ Brunida, 70 ~

“The class keeps me healthy. I perspire a lot and that makes me feel good. It also gives me a chance to make new friends.”
~ Angelita, 73 ~

“I go to class because it’s very good for my health. I wish they offered it twice a week because it’s so important. Thank you for the opportunity.”
~ Rosa, 71 ~

“My students look forward every week to this one-hour class. It increases their balance and endurance. They also grow mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Everyone comes to receive love.”
~ Saida Rivera, Instructor ~

“I’m a borderline diabetic. I had a stroke and was in bed for two months. I came to the Zumba class because I don’t want to be dependent on a cane, walker or wheelchair. My hands and face were numb but now, I can do almost anything. They didn’t have any activities where I live, so I came to Angelus Plaza.”
~ Ines Calle ~

“I had a recent stroke and I’ve been diagnosed with cancer. The class also helps me with my balance. The teacher is excellent and really knows what she’s doing. This class is wonderful.”
~ Inez, 73 ~

“My class provides my students with an opportunity to bond, be alive and keep moving. It’s a friendly, family environment. Students who rely on walkers and wheelchairs are encouraged to do the postures because they will benefit from greater endurance, cognition, strength and circulation. One student was reluctant to move, following knee surgery. Later, she began to participate after she gradually gained confidence. Yoga unifies all systems of the body. I try to keep them engaged by playing recorded music from various cultures. In the future, I will demonstrate how my students can use an adaptive, individual approach that will allow them to practice Yoga in a variety of settings, on the floor, in a chair or using the wall for leverage.”
~ Denise Davidson, Instructor ~

“At first, I was afraid to move, so I just sat there. Once I overcame my anxiety, the Yoga class was even better than physical therapy because it is very spiritual. The total movement, from head to toe, makes it a healing experience. The class loves the teacher because she nurtures everyone and treats all of us with respect.”
~ Ninette Boutros ~